Political Humanism - The new political theory of our time

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Political Humanism is a 21st century political theory and a whole new approach to politics. It is a simple shift in perspective towards what constitutes wellbeing for people in society, across a dozen highly defined categories. Essentially, it is a focus on what people want for themselves, their lives and of the society and world they live in. As a people-centric ethical approach, it encourages collaboration which stands as a direct challenge to the divisiveness of our currently political landscape and it is this lack of unity between people that has allowed corporate interests too much sway over the political process resulting in the prevailing neo-liberal economic agenda that is currently corrupting the political system and wreaking havoc across the world, damaging people, their communities and their environments. By focussing on how to best achieve societal outcomes we are able to optimise the design not only of our political system but of all our civic institutions

which could rapidly improve all areas of our lives such as health, justice, education and environment.

The handbook of Political Humanism has only just been released and is only available so far on the website. Entitled: ‘What The World Needs Now – 12 Essential Reforms for Surviving the 21st Century’, the book begins with ‘An introduction to Political Humanism, a theory of wellbeing’ where it lays out its stall, why it is needed, why it is a profoundly different approach to existing political theories and what are its philosophical roots. It explores the ideas that it is born out of, both utilitarianism and liberalism but displays how it has surpassed those descriptions in a chapter sub-section called ‘Post-liberal NOT ill-liberal’ where it also defines what sets it apart from Marxism and why it cannot be termed socialism. What follows are 12 chapters presenting how the core idea of Political Humanism informs us as to how we may make rapid beneficial improvement to all areas of our society starting with the systemic change of our political institutions, how the humanist economic theory would bring about a fairer, more prosperous, stable and dynamic economy, how the institutional changes would bring about a more just society, improve policing, education and health and would all lead to the greening and rewilding of our living environment. It largely focusses on British society but in the last chapter, The Oneness of Humanity, widens its position to show how Political Humanism also sets up a structure for improved global relations, what the UK can do to help bring about global development, prosperity and a better world.

Political Humanism is more than a book, it is a rallying cry for people to come together in common agreement and collaboration. The book’s chapters are called Reforms and each ends with a practical guide on ‘how to make it happen’ through campaigns for systemic change, through people movements on community change and through lifestyle change. This book is an essential read for our time. Read it and it might just change your world view, pass it on and it might just change the world.

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