12 essential reforms for surviving the 21st century

An Introduction to Political Humanism - a theory of well-being





An Introduction to Political Humanism

  • A theory of societal well-being

  • The HWix12 algorithm of ‘What The People Want’ – A post-Utilitarian approach

  • Consciousness of Self, of Social Self, of society and the Physical World

  • Political Humanism as a stand-alone political theory

  • Post-Liberal NOT illiberal – comparing ideologies

  • Opposing neoliberalism while also rejecting Marxism


1 Democratic Reform – MagnaSocia, Evolving Our Democracy

  • The Problem with the established, so called, democracy

  • Context: Developments in democracy

  • Solution: the ‘new model that makes the existing model obsolete’


2 Constitutional Reform – A very British Constitution

  • The Problem with referring to ‘social values’ without a codified Constitution

  • Context: How Constitutions came about and why they prove useful

  • Solution: What A British Constitution could look like and what it would improve


3 Autonomous Executive Reform – Compassion by Design

  • Context: The separation of powers argument

  • The Problem with unseparated political powers in the UK

  • Solution: An autonomous Executive designed to achieve societal ambitions

  • About the 12 Executive Branches

  • Just an idea: The Citizoid App

4 Regulatory Reform – Authority Without Accountability Leads to Tyranny

  • The Problem with unaccountable executive powers

  • Context: Where lack of regulation fails us: policing, planning and power

  • Solution: Regulators with real-time constitutional powers to oversee the Executive

5 Tax System Reform -Assigned Taxation- Equilibrium, Efficiency & The Moral Imperative

  • The Problem with the Chancellor of The Exchequer and the tax system

  • Context: British history of taxation and offshore tax havens

  • Solution: Assigning each taxation directly towards a prescribed societal aim

6 Financial & Banking Reform – Sovereign Money, Collective Sustainable Economics

  • Foreword – This book’s most ambitious idea

  • The Problem with our money system – private banks creating money as debt

  • Context: A short history of the global money scam & how they continue to pull it off

  • Solution: The Pound belongs to the tax paying citizens who maintain its value

  • How To Make It Happen – The Sensible Transition

  • Why Crypto-Currency is not a suitable alternative

7 Economic Reform - #PopCapitalism, Economic Policy for Populations not Corporations

  • The Problem with our ‘Oligarchic’ form of Capitalism

  • Context: What exactly is neo-liberal economics and how are its arguments presented

  • Solution: The Economics of Well-being

  • Presenting ‘The State Sandwich’ – a dynamic bedrock for the free-market economy

8 Justice Reform – Justice by the principles of ‘cause and effect’

  • The Problem with our existing justice and penal system

  • Context: Understanding human developments in morality and justice

  • Solution: Reparation, Rehabilitation and Redemption

9 Health Reform – Nation Health & Wellness

  • The Problem with applying neo-liberal economics to our health system

  • Context: Underfunding and designing to fail

  • Solution: Holistic Planning - Integrating Medical and Mental Health with Social Care and Physical and Dietary Health

10 Education Reform – Individual & Societal Progressiveness

  • The Problem with our education system

  • Solution: Re-evaluating the role of education in society

  • Modes of Learning in context to Self, Social Self and Physical World

  • The notion of societal evolution

11 Environmental Reform – Anthropocene Redesign – Learning To Live Symbiotically

  • The Problem with our relationship to the environment

  • The Environment vs Economy argument

  • A War on Information

  • Context: Human evolutions and the invention of capitalism

  • Solution:         Part 1 Moving from parasitic to mutualistic

Part 2 Recognising 12 Ecological Boundaries as a framework

Part 3 How best to delegate eco-responsibility

12 Global Relations Reform – The Oneness of Humanity

  • Political Humanism as a global solution, HWix12 as a global standard

  • Developing Nations - A United People (in contrast to the United Nations)

  • One World Alliance: What can be achieved through global collaboration

  • What Britain can and should do


Summary - How to make the world a better place - What YOU can do


Appendix A:  A very British Constitution

Appendix B: The Citizoid App in further detail